General Rental Conditions

Art. 1 (The drive of the vehicle and access to the shop). Both the Client and each driver identified in the Rental Agreement (hereinafter, the "Vehicle") must comply with the formalities of identification and qualification required by the Lessor. Each driver of the vehicle will not provide false information with respect to personal information, age, address of residence or domicile, telephone number, fax number and email address, as well as about the possession of all the legal requirements for driving. Both the Client and each authorized driver must be aged between 18 and 75 years old and be in possession of a valid driving license for the vehicle rented, issued at least 12 months. The persons under 25 years of age are allowed to drive with the application of a daily supplement in relation to certain categories of vehicles identified by the Lessor according to age groups. This .fee is applied to the extent, automatically in our site. For the rental of the vehicle is required to hold a credit card. The Lessor can reject the lease at its free and absolute discretion, without giving any reasons to the Tenant

Art. 2 (Procedures and time of booking and payment of rent). The rental payment is made with major credit cards, ATMs, cash or by bank transfer. Except in the case of rental of the vehicle price "Prepaid", for rentals of less than 30 days, payment shall be made on expiry of the deadline for the return of the vehicle. For rentals longer than 30 days, payment shall be made every 30 days or, in the case of early return of the vehicle, together with the return. Reservations are accepted only by the category of the vehicle belongs to that selected by the customer; preferences in the models are subject to the availability of the Lessor and can not be guaranteed at time of booking. In case of unavailability of the Vehicle booked, the Lessor reserves the right to substitute another of the corresponding category or higher; in case of unavailability of the latter two, the substitution will be with a vehicle of a lower category but with a recalculation of the fare. In case of absolute unwillingness to assign a vehicle as a substitution, or in the case of opposition by the customer to accept a lower category vehicle proposed by the Lessor to replace the book, the only burden the Lessor will be the return of all that up to that time paid by the customer or to those charged for the rental of the vehicle. The refund will be made by crediting the amount paid by the customer to the credit card used for payment. Any changes requested by the customer on a rental booked with tariff "not prepaid" are subject to availability and must be agreed in advance by phone with the landlord. Price will be recalculated and will be charged a penalty of € 50.00, VAT except for changes made within 48 hours of withdrawal indicated in the original booking. The cancellation by the customer of a reservation for a rental price "Not Prepaid" will be charged a penalty equal to 30% of the rental cost booked and canceled or 50% if the cancellation is made within 48 hours before the scheduled withdrawal. The Customer expressly authorizes the landlord to charge these amounts on your credit card during booking. The payment of the reservation made on the website of the Lessor (, with the rate is the entire rental cost on the credit card provided by the customer. This amount, retained as a deposit, not refundable in case of cancellation or in case of modification of the items indicated by the customer at the time of booking (dates, name, type of vehicle, etc.) And in the event of return advance of the Vehicle. At the time of booking or at the time of signing the Contract the Customer undertakes to submit their credit card to the Lessor which will take note of the number and the expiry and maintain its charge as a deposit according to the rules established in our site. The Customer, by signing the Contract, also authorizes the landlord to charge the credit card presented the amounts corresponding to rental fees fully considered (eg extra km, extra days, etc.), The damage found upon return, exemptions and any costs and damages that may be encountered after the return of the vehicle (eg .: dent not detected because the delivery was carried out in the evening, expenses, fines, tolls, etc.). Lessor is entitled to ask the customer a deposit different credit card or integrate the same with another guarantee. Any such additional deposit, which will not be counted in the Customer's account fees and that will not produce any kind of interest, will be returned to the termination of the lease for any reason, less than the customer would possibly be indebted to the Lessor.Are provided 3 types of damages ; a) small b) medium c) big ,signing the Contract you declare that you have read and understood in the Table Price” shown in the shop prior to rental.

Art. 3 (Insurance R.C.A.). Each vehicle is covered by insure RCA under the applicable laws which guarantees insurance coverage for civil liability towards third parties with regard to persons, property (excluding those transported), animals. The transported on the vehicle of the Lessor is equated to the third. In case of accident, the customer must fill out a model with the counterpart of Friendly Contestation of Accidents (CAI) available in the vehicle and send it to the nearest agency (hereinafter, the " Agency ') of the Lessor within 24 hours of the event or consign it together with the vehicle if this is done within that same period of 24 hours after the event. In the event that there has not occurred any accident, in order to allow the landlord to protect their rights against fraud or unfounded claims, Customer must however, upon return of the Vehicle, explicitly declare not to .have suffered or caused any event

Art. 4 (Refuelling). The customer must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel at the start of the rental, unless you have purchased the "Refuelling Service" referred to our official site or “Table Price”. Alternatively, in the event he Customer doesn't supply the car, the Lessor will charge .the customer the cost of the service indicated in the Noleggiare Price and missing fuel

Art. 5 (The Vehicle and conditions of use). The Customer undertakes to keep and to use the vehicle with care and diligence, in the respect of the target and of the properties listed in the registration certificate and in accordance with the law, and: (i) not to sublet or rent the vehicle; (li) not to entrust the leadership of the vehicle to persons other than those authorized in the Rental; (lii) not to carry out any repair work on the rented vehicle without the written consent of the Lessor; (Iv) to immediately inform the Lessor of any faults of the vehicle by stopping the movement and to listen the instructions of the Lessor for a substitution or for the return of the vehicle; (V) to supply the vehicle using the correct fuel, also diligently checking the level of liquids and performing, if necessary, top it up; (Vi) to not drive the vehicle under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol or intoxicant or any substance which may limit the ability to understand and react; (Vii) to guard the vehicle with the best of its ability, activating any of the security measures to avoid leaving out devices or valuables inside the car and in general doing everything necessary to ensure the best safety of the property owned by the landlord; (Viii) not to take the vehicle into countries other than those expressly stated in the Rental Agreement, unless expressly authorized in writing by the Lessor. The "Green Card" (international insurance certificate), delivered together with the documents accompanying the vehicle, does not constitute authorization to do so, but it's part of the documents; in the case of transit in the countries where the customer can not take the vehicle, the insurance coverage and terms of limitation and exclusion of responsibility will not be effective, and any costs are incurred by the Lessor due to not respecting the hired will remain on the Client responsability who will pay the total cost.; (lx) not to use the vehicle to transport contraband, explosives, pollutant or for any other transport in violation of laws or regulations; (X) not to use the vehicle for competition of any kind, sporting or otherwise, or for testing the routes, also in car circuits, as well as to give driving lessons or practice to the same; (Xi) not to use the vehicle on rough roads or unsuitable to the technical characteristics of the same; (Xii) not to use the vehicle to push or tow another vehicle or trailer; (Xiii) not to use the vehicle for any other use in violation of laws or regulations (Xiv) to promptly inform the Lessor of any such report was notified to the Tenant by any regulatory Authority in relation to the vehicle during the rental period. The Lessor reserves the right .to repossess the vehicle at any place and time in case of violation of the regulations of this Section 5

Art. 6 (Pick-up and return of the vehicle). The landlord delivers to Tenant the vehicle, complete with all the accessories of the law and all the necessary documents for the movement.With the delivery of the Vehicle the customer acknowledges that the same, with the facilities, equipment and all accessories delivered to him by the landlord, is in good general condition and complies with stipulated use. The Lessee agrees to deliver the Vehicle, together with its accessories and documents, within the time and place indicated in the Rental Agreement, in the same condition in which it was delivered, including cleaning. At the time of the delivery, the Lessee has the ultimate responsibility for, jointly with the landlord, checking the state of the vehicle, ensuring and signing any differences compared to the state of the vehicle at the moment of delivery. In case of non-joint review the Customer expressly authorizes the landlord to charge him for any damages found on the vehicle even after the delivery. In case of failure to return the vehicle within the time specified in the Rental (after 29 minutes beyond the time limit set for the return), the Customer agrees to pay, as a penalty, a sum equal to the tariff "Standard" daily rental of the vehicle for each day of delay up to delivery, subject in each case the most damage, unless prior written permission from the landlord to extend the rental. For rates subject to time limits (eg. Weekends, holidays) after the time of tolerance, decade the possibility of applying these rates and will be charged the full rental rate to the "Standard" daily. In case of failure to return the vehicle at the place specified in the Rental Agreement, but at any branch of the Lessor, fees are applied therein for hire "One Way". The customer, however, undertakes to pay a penalty of the amount specified in the “Price Rent”. The vehicle must be returned during the opening hours of the Agency at which it was taken over, or, at the request of the customer, at another location of the Lessor. If returned outside opening hours of the  Agency, (will have to park the vehicle near the store and put the keys in a “special slot”) save that until the next opening of the store,the rental shall be concluded in time for the reopening of the same - as long as the vehicle has actually been taken over by the Agency - both for the determination of the canon, that those the responsibilities associated with the possession of the vehicle itself (by way of example and not exhaustive, in relation to fines, damage, theft and / or partial or total fire). In case of failure or simple request by the Lessor, the vehicle must be delivered by the customer at any location of the Lessor will replace the same subject to availability, at no charge to the landlord and subject to the right of the latter to its sole discretion, not to provide a car in the event of insolvency, theft, fire or serious accident of the rented vehicle. Any replacement will take place, as a rule, with a vehicle in the same category; in case of unavailability can be delivered to the customer a vehicle lower or higher category, applying the reductions and increases provided in the manner specified in the “Price Rent”. The replacement of the vehicle is included in the rental fee except in case of malfunction due to its Customer or of intentional fault of Lessee same. In case of failure to return the documents accompanying the vehicle and / or the registration number, the customer agrees to pay, as a penalty, as wrote in “Price Rent” for each day to output the actual duplication of the same, except for the compensation related expenses and further damages. In case of failure to return the keys of the vehicle, from whatever reason, and even if the vehicle has been returned, the customer is required to pay a penalty as wrote in “Price Rent “ for each day delay until the delivery of the same or presentation of the original report of loss or theft made to the competent authorities, increased by a sum the amount of which is indicated in the “Price Rent”, subject to greater damage. In case of non-return or damage of standard parts and additional Vehicle, from whatever reason, the customer is required to pay, as a penalty, a sum the amount of which is indicated in the “Price Rent”, unless greater damage. Any claim or claim against the Lessor in connection with the rental due may be made by the Customer no later than the strict deadline .of 10 days from the date of return of the vehicle

Art. 7 (Customer Responsibilities). Customer is responsible for any damage, theft or fire occurred at the vehicle, as well as fines and / or any other charge resulting in violations of the Highway Code, or any other provision of law or regulations, tolls, parking costs and in general of amounts related to the use of the vehicle during the rental period. The value of the vehicle is determined according to the listing in the magazine Quattroruote indicated at the time of the event, except that the same occurs in the first six months of registration of the vehicle, in which case we will refer to the list price for the new. Client responsibility is extended to the cost of repairs, the loss in value of the vehicle, to the loss of revenue from rental quantified according to the criterion described in Article. 6 for the failure to return the vehicle on the agreed terms, the costs of towing and storage and administrative costs incurred in the management of any event or claim arising from the damage caused to the vehicle or the left, which will be charged to the customer as provided in the Price rent. The insurance of the vehicle do not included in the fee charged covers liability for damage, fire and theft.The excess shown in the “Price Rent “ is charged to the customer. In any case, the effectiveness of the insurance cover against the Customer and any limitation of liability provided for in his favor, even conventionally, are excluded in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence of the same, including driving while intoxicated or in infringement the Highway Code or other laws and regulations. Also excluded from the insurance coverage and the limitations or exclusions of liability damages caused voluntarily by the customer to the vehicle, or neglect, as well as those related to the interior of the vehicle, to the roof or to the camber of the vans, the damage caused by the lack of assessment of 'height of the vehicle and objects protruding or overhanging roof, those caused to the clutch kit, due to over-rev the engine, damage or theft of the tires and / or wheels, as well as damage caused by disregard of provisions Circulation of the Vehicle and Conditions of Use set forth in Article 5 above. In case of theft and subsequent discovery of the vehicle the amount of damage will be calculated by applying the rate "Standard" daily until the date of release from seizure and return of the vehicle, within the limits of the deductible, unless, in each case, the compensation for damage to the vehicle. In all cases of theft or fire, total or partial, is obliged to immediately adjust customer to make a complaint to the authorities and hand over copies within 48 hours of the same, together with the keys of the vehicle to the nearest location of the Lessor and actively cooperating with the latter in the management of the judicial proceedings. In case of accident or immediately procured from the rented vehicle, even if the same does not suffer damage, the customer is obliged to notify the nearest location of the Lessor within 24 hours of the event by preparing and sending the CAI, the ineffectiveness of punishment any insurance coverage or limitation of liability conventionally established in favor of the customer. In case of failure to fulfill the obligations of reporting and communication of the preceding paragraphs, lose effect all the limitations and / or exclusions of liability for damage, theft or fire, whole or in part provided in favor of the customer, who is also responsible for damages incurred by the Lessor in relation to the failure or delay in communication. If the customer produces a model C.A.I. duly signed by both parties on the left, with clear accountability of the single counterparty, the relief referred to in Tariff Renting is not chargeable to the customer. Due to the rising costs of insurance procured, assuming causation of an accident passive, is due a penalty lump amount specified in the Price Rent, subject to greater damage. At the time of the Client's responsibility to obtain all necessary evidence to indicate fault. To this end, shall: (i) proceed with the establishment of the CAI or, alternatively, require the intervention and the report by the Police, Carabinieri, or traffic police; (li) collecting the names and addresses of witnesses; (lii) if required, subsequently, to collaborate with the Lessor in the causes that may arise as a result of the accident; (Iv) do not leave the vehicle unattended and .without adequate safeguards

Art. 8 (Force Majeure). Neither party shall be liable for its failure in relation to the obligations under this contract if it can prove that: (i) the failure was caused by an event beyond its control; (li) it was not reasonable to expect that, at the time of conclusion of the contract, would take into .account the possibility of the occurrence of such event and its effect on his ability to perform; and (iii) it was not reasonably possible to avoid or remedy that event or at least its effects

Art. 9 (Charges). The customer is obliged to pay the Lessor: (i) the rental fee, determined by the criteria defined in the Price Rent and published on the website and in the documents at and defined in agreements with tour operators. If hires concluded through tour operators, the customer remains jointly liable with them against the landlord to pay the amounts due under the rental relationship; (li) the reimbursement of expenses incurred for the recovery of the vehicle is not returned to the agreed to any cause; (lii) the amount of the fines charged to the customer and / or the rental agency for violations of the Highway Code or other applicable laws, committed by the Customer during the rental of the vehicle; (Iv) any other amount due on the basis of the provisions in previous articles (including, for example but not limited to: refueling service, .one-way rentals, replacements, service overtime, surcharges, penalties, compensation and benefits, as well as any difference caused by the use of a different service than budgeted)

Art. 10 (Using satellite devices). In order to protect the landlord against the risk of theft or fraud, can be installed on each vehicle satellite devices (GPS and the like) can detect the location of the vehicle itself and the speed or driving behavior by tracking its position. The Lessor reserves the .right to disclose such information to judicial authorities, insurance companies, law firms and companies specializing in the management and prevention of theft and damages and to use or permit its use for any action in its protection

.Art. 11 (termination clause). Violation of the provisions of Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 legitimate Lessor to terminate the contract in accordance with art. 1456. civ. and to compensation for any further damage

.Art. 12 (Applicable law and court exclusive). The rental under this Agreement is governed by Italian law. For all disputes relating to the reports referred to the "Contract Documents", the competence of the court of the consumer, has exclusive jurisdiction, the Court of Florence

Art. 13 (Translation). In case of doubt or differences of interpretation, the Italian version prevails over the English language.

.Art. 14 (Interpretation). If any provision of this Agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, the same will be disregarded and the Agreement shall remain valid and effective for the other provisions

Art. 15 (Domicile and communications). The customer, for all purposes of the law, for the performance of this rental relationship, claims to give an address to the address to the Lessor, as resulting from the Rental. Unless otherwise stated, all communications related to the rental relationship .should be made to the email address or fax number specified by the customer